Day #1 in Taipei!

Hello World!

Greetings from Taipei! This is Sophia and this is the first entry of my blogging about Taiwan. I am staying in Taipei for 25 days to study Mandarin, learn about the culture, and try a lot of delicious foods. After taking a 14 hour flight, I arrived in the beautiful island of Taiwan. The time was 6am and the temperature had already reached 80 degrees. Here, the weather is hot, humid, and sticky. The city seems a bit dirty from the constant rain and heat, but it is still a great metropolitan city. Like every great city, there are multiple neighborhoods within Taipei. My uncle’s apartment is located in ZhongXiaoFenXing or more commonly referred to as “SOGO.” SOGO is the “Times Square” of Taipei, and it is home to countless numbers of big name designers and expensive boutiques. On the smaller streets you have local entrepreneurs and chefs selling their goods for a cheaper price, while on the main streets there are malls with designer brands who charge a heftier amount. One thing that is especially neat about Taipei is the ability for one to grab a quick snack on the street and then continue on running errands. Today for breakfast I grabbed a pork bun (or 3), and then continued on to Taipei 101. We went up to the 89th floor and looked out from each side (North, South, East, and West) of the indoor observatory, which is basically a 360 panorama of clear glass. Afterwards, we took the incredibly handy subway to National Taiwan University where I checked in for my summer program. The program is for college students so there is a lot of free time. Later, I strolled around the NTU area exploring the smaller food and fruit stands. The day ended with a dinner of fresh watermelon and guava. Luckily my dorm room has nice AC, so I slept nice and sound!

Signing off now- ’till tomorrow my friends! 🙂 Beef_Noodle_SoupTropical_Popsicle Happy_Lemon_Boba Taipei101_Designers Taipei101Top Taipei101View Taipei101View2 Taipei1013 Taipei1014 TaipeiMetro BreakfastPorkDumplings

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